8 Morning Sickness Remedies For Pregnancy That Really Work

Morning Sickness Sucks… BUT Morning Sickness Remedies Can Help!

Morning sickness is rough. And the thing I dreaded most when I found out I was pregnant (Well, it was a close tie between that and giving birth, lol) (click to read that story!). But thankfully, I found remedies that truly helped to improve my morning sickness!

My mom and grandmother both had horrible morning sickness, so I was terrified mine would be inconsolable as well. While I have had a few horrible nausea spells, I am now 36 weeks pregnant and haven’t thrown up! (knock on wood!) These tips I’m sharing have helped remedy my morning sickness, which was the worst for me between 6 and 16 weeks pregnant.

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1. Vitamin B6 And Unisom

This combination has truly been a lifesaver. I took it EVERY night before bed religiously. I swore by these medications from about week 6 to week 16 of my pregnancy! I was honestly scared to get off of them because they made SUCH a big difference for me.

Some days have definitely been worse than others. I had two nights in this past week that I woke up in the middle of the night extremely nauseated and couldn’t sleep! Those nights and the subsequent days after, I definitely feel like I’m close to survival mode! My nausea is bad & I am not very productive. All I want to do is lay in the same position and not move. lol.

The combination of these pills helped so much that most days, I wouldn’t feel sick anymore until in the evening- about 4-6 PM. I knew that I had until the afternoon to be productive- and then I was like a ticking time bomb of feeling nauseous and barely wanting to move. Then, I’d struggle through the rest of the night and take these pills at 930-10 PM to go to sleep and feel better in the morning!

Make sure you get the Unisom sleep tabs not sleep gels! They have different active ingredients- the active ingredient that is supposed to help with morning sickness is doxylamine. Below is a link to those sleep gels and vitamin B6!

2. Don’t Let Yourself Get Hungry

This is a huge one for me! I seriously ate something every 2-3 hours, atleast. An empty stomach makes you feel sicker! Keep something in your stomach at all times. I always brought a snack and some mints with me everywhere I went. It really helps to keep the nausea spells away!

3. Keep crackers by the bed

Eat a couple before you get out of bed every morning. This helps because after you are in bed all night, your stomach is empty, making you feel sick. (Similar to the rule of eating every 2-3 hours!)

4. Figure Out Your Trigger Foods (& Avoid Them)

It may take some experimentation, but find out what foods work for you! For example, the first trimester I could not eat any red meat and honestly protein in general was hard for me to stomach. I could handle a few bites of chicken and that’s about all. But bananas helped me to feel better (even if it was just for a few minutes) every time. Gum, mints, peppermint tea, and lemonade also all helped me.

Also- the iron in my prenatals were making me way more nauseated! I switched to these Vitafusion gummy prenatals until my morning sickness subsided (after okaying it with my doctor). This also really helped my nausea while still allowing my baby to get most of the nutrition she needed.

5. Follow The BRAT Diet on bad days

When you feel really sick (I had a few of those days where I just couldn’t beat the nausea)- follow the BRAT diet: Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated helps you feel less nauseous, even though sometimes it can be hard to want to drink it. I carried around my Hydro Flask everywhere I went, so I had fresh, cold water and could sip on it all day long! Also, drinking water enables you to beat the exhaustion that often comes with the first trimester.

7. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can make you more nauseous, and it’s not the best for the baby (small amounts are supposed to be okay). Just keep it to a minimum when you can!

8. Use candles and diffusers to get rid of smells, especially food smells.

I remember one night we had friends over and smoked a brisket. I didn’t even eat the meat because I felt sick, but I could not STAND the smell and was up all night because of it. I ended up on the couch in the living room, holding a lemon up to my nose all night to get rid of the smell. I later bought diffusers and candles to get rid of odors, which helped a lot!

I purchased this diffuser and these essential oils on amazon and they helped me tremendously!

You WILL Get Through Morning Sickness!

I wanted to end this blog post with a note of encouragement. You will feel normal again. The morning sickness will not last forever! Keep pushing through & know that the end reward- an adorable little baby!!- will be worth all of this.

Please let me know if these morning sickness remedies help you at all and if you have any other morning sickness hacks!



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