What I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Paris with a Toddler!

Kiersten Brooke Travels Paris

There’s so much to do in Paris with a toddler and we had the best time visiting. It’s actually the place we most want to revisit as a family after our month of European adventures across 6 countries! Paris is incredibly kid-friendly overall, making it a blast for everyone. I feel like there’s something for […]

Preventing Sickness in Babies and Toddlers While Traveling

Mary Ruth Organic Vitamins Kiersten Brooke

A frequent question I get about traveling with babies and toddlers is how do I keep them from getting sick while traveling? It’s no secret that travel can be a breeding ground for germs and illness… & it can be a bit anxiety inducing thinking about littles getting sick, especially away from home! But these […]

It’s Cyber Monday!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of the best deals for traveling families that would make super fun Christmas presents! There are deals for traveling babies, toddlers, AND parents. Hope this is helpful for you all and happy shopping! These are affiliate links so I do receive a small commission off of items purchased using these […]

The Best Travel Stroller For YOUR Europe Trip

My friends over on instagram always have my back (so grateful!) and when I asked about what travel stroller to bring to Europe, I received 11 pages worth of helpful responses from people who have either visited Europe with their little one or live there! I’m going to share everything I learned in this blog […]

What’s in my diaper bag traveling with a baby?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… one of the hardest part of traveling with a baby is all the STUFF you have to remember, bring, and lug around. And speaking of remembering things, the WORST feeling is when you need something… but you don’t have it. And that’s why I’m making this […]

A Step By Step Guide To Flying With A Baby

The night before our first flight with a baby, I was so nervous I could hardly sleep. Our baby has now been on 12 flights so far, with 4 of those being international flights. And thankfully, they’ve all gone pretty darn well. I’ve learned a lot of helpful tips from trial and error when flying […]

Baby Packing Checklist

Get Your Free Baby Packing Checklist! * indicates required Name Email Address * Let’s Face It, Babies Have A LOT of stuff. I was so overwhelmed packing each time I traveled with my baby. I was constantly double and triple-checking to make sure I remembered everything. So, I created this checklist! It’s clickable and editable, […]

Tips For Flying With A Baby

Flying With A Baby For The First Time Was Terrifying… Frankly, I was TERRIFIED the first time we went flying with our baby, Adaline. I legit could barely sleep the night before. Then, we got to the airport and she was having a rough day because she was teething. She was crying inconsolably. Ryan and I began […]

Newborn Baby Must-Haves!

Here are a few newborn baby products I use everyday and love. Will be adding more if I think of any other must haves- other than the basic diapers,wipes, and lots of extra outfits of course 😉 *Note: I do receive a small commission if you purchase any of these products, with no extra cost […]