Newborn Baby Must-Haves!

Here are a few newborn baby products I use everyday and love. Will be adding more if I think of any other must haves- other than the basic diapers,wipes, and lots of extra outfits of course 😉 *Note: I do receive a small commission if you purchase any of these products, with no extra cost […]

Third Trimester Recap

I can’t believe this pregnancy is almost over! Trust me, I’m pretty ready for it to be, but then again it has also been such a fun and unique experience that I have really enjoyed! I am glad I’ve had a lot of support and have been able to document so much of it online […]

8 Morning Sickness Remedies For Pregnancy That Really Work

Morning Sickness Sucks… BUT Morning Sickness Remedies Can Help! Morning sickness is rough. And the thing I dreaded most when I found out I was pregnant (Well, it was a close tie between that and giving birth, lol) (click to read that story!). But thankfully, I found remedies that truly helped to improve my morning […]

Gender Reveal! Finding Out The Gender of Our Baby With SneakPeek!

I Wanted To Know The Gender, ASAP! From The Moment I found out I was pregnant, I could NOT wait to determine whether our baby was a girl or a boy. I felt like knowing & revealing the baby’s gender & being able to prepare makes everything feel SO much more real! And now, knowing […]

I’m Pregnant! How We Found Out We Are Having A Baby!

Finding Out I’m Pregnant Took Some Time! Pregnancy Test #1: A Faint Positive The pregnancy test was VERY slightly, ever-so faintly positive. I had been feeling off for the past week. My period was supposed to start the next day- but didn’t have any of my normal pre-period symptoms- so I thought I could be […]

Southern Utah 3 day Travel Guide: Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Southern Utah Travel Guide This southern Utah adventure was one of our favorite short trips that we’ve ever been on! We talk about our experiences during these short three days often. We even plan to go on another similar trip with my aunt this fall. There is enough jammed in this short 3-day travel guide […]

Canyonlands National Park in One Day

Our Journey To Canyonlands My husband, friends, and I were looking for a fun day trip from Utah County and decided Canyonlands was the perfect spot to check out! None of us had ever visited, the pictures looked incredible, and it checked another national park off the bucket list! Although we definitely could have explored […]

Finding the Motivation To Workout When You Don’t Feel Like It

There are many days where I just don’t feel like working out. I’m tired, lazy, or have so many other things to do… working out just isn’t the priority. Whenever I struggle to find workout motivation, these are the tips I use to maintain my goal of staying active at least 5 days a week! […]

How I Use Travel Credit Cards to Travel For Free/Cheap

Credit Cards are Your Friends If you are spending money, you might as well be getting points for it! I know credit cards can have a bad rap in some people’s minds… but if that bias exists in your mind, ERASE IT! And repeat after me, credit cards are your friends. 😉 Because as long […]

The Top Ways To Save Money When You Travel

Money, Money, Money As broke college students, I 110% wish that money grew on trees and wasn’t something we had to consider when traveling… but thankfully, in our world today it is very possible to travel inexpensively! I get asked often about how we save money when we travel. There are many times we travel […]