I Tried Cross Fit For the First Time

I was super apprehensive about trying cross fit for the first time And then I read posts about trying cross fit online… those made me even more terrified. The blogs told me that I would suck, 60-year olds would be passing me, and I’d basically be dying the entire time. I expressed my concerns to […]

A Day in Bath, England

When in Bath… Do as the Romans in England did.¬†While studying abroad in England, three friends and I took a day trip to the magical, quaint town of Bath, England. The day was full of exploration and most importantly relaxation after a stressful few weeks. These weeks consisted of Oxford tutorials and 12 hour library […]

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park= Sandboarding in Utah

Want to shred some slopes in the blazing desert heat during the summer? In Utah, it’s possible! As part of our adventurous weekend in Southern Utah, we spent a few hours at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Honestly, you don’t want to miss this place! I was skeptical of locking my feet into a […]

Why I’m Becoming A PA Instead of Becoming A Doctor

I’ve been slacking a bit at publishing blog posts lately because I have been preparing for applying to PA school! CASPA (The Central Application Service for Physician Assistants) opens their application cycle April 25th. And the sooner you get your application in, the better. So while I haven’t been writing on the blog, I’ve been […]

Navigating Chores As Newly Weds

Ryan and I have struggled with the topic of chores since we’ve gotten married. With me working full time and Ryan being in school full time, we are both busy people. In our free time, we want to work on our hobbies, hang out with friends/each other, and just relax. Sometimes, we let go of […]

How Getting My Body Fat Analyzed Changed My Perspective on Fitness

My Fitness Awakening A few months ago, I was introduced by one of my gym rat friends (S/O Joey) to a Bioelectric Impedance Analysis or BIA. To get into the nitty gritty details about a BIA machine and how it works, click here. According to my scale at home, I was roughly 15% body fat, […]

The Lord Will Fight For You

Be Still. Be still and know that I am God. These words struck me as I sat at home and try to scarf down a quick dinner. All the while, I was thinking of the million things I need to do tonight before I go to bed. “The Lord will fight for you, you only […]

Must Sees when in LA for Two Days

The Crew: These people are (most) of my best friends in Utah. They basically live at me and Ryan’s place during the weekends, and are pretty fun to be around (except when the guys just wanna play Fortnite and APEX— then they are lame). BUT this weekend no videogames were allowed. We were excited to […]

Our puppy is ruined because of petsmart!

So I know i’m being dramatic for writing this. Hopefully, I can save someone else from having the same experience as me from this blog post. Let’s start this by saying I don’t like shaved dogs that typically have long fur/hair. Especially golden doodles!! Golden doodles aren’t supposed to be completely shaved! And I TRUST […]

Our St. Lucia Honeymoon & Guide

Where to go… The hardest part of travel, to me, is figuring out where to go… because I want to go EVERYWHERE. I love traveling and would travel full time if I could. Despite my indecisiveness, I knew when I was trying to choose a honeymoon destination, I wanted all of the stereotypical honeymoon romance. […]