I’m Pregnant! How We Found Out We Are Having A Baby!

Finding Out I’m Pregnant Took Some Time! Pregnancy Test #1: A Faint Positive The pregnancy test was VERY slightly, ever-so faintly positive. I had been feeling off for the past week. My period was supposed to start the next day- but didn’t have any of my normal pre-period symptoms- so I thought I could be […]

2019: Our Year in Review

2019 is coming to a close… Well, 2019 is almost over and done, and what a fun-filled year it has been! 2019 was Ryan and I’s first FULL year married. This year I feel like we really have become more of a team in our marriage & have matured a lot. We are learning how […]

The Best Games for a Grown-Up Game Night

We Love Game Nights Ryan and I both love a good game night. We have game nights with friends often, and even bring games with us to play with our family when we go back to Georgia. Games are a great way to let out our competitive side and have a good time with friends! […]

He Speaks

A little background first Finally, the other half of Ryan and Kiersten speaks. I have decided to try my hand at this blogging thing as my favorite style of writing seems to be perfectly fitted for blogging. I like to write like I am a motivational speaker with a live audience in front of me. […]

There’s No Place Like Home: Our Thanksgiving

This year, we had 3 thanksgivings, which meant triple the turkey, triple the people, and triple the memories. I think this year was my favorite Thanksgiving yet. Here’s a recap of our thanksgivings, what I’ve learned this year, and some things I’m thankful for. Thanksgiving #1: Friendsgiving Last Saturday, we had Friendsgiving. Our holiday was […]

Navigating Chores As Newly Weds

Ryan and I have struggled with the topic of chores since we’ve gotten married. With me working full time and Ryan being in school full time, we are both busy people. In our free time, we want to work on our hobbies, hang out with friends/each other, and just relax. Sometimes, we let go of […]

How To Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

Absence makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Hopefully “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? or is it “Out of Sight Out of Mind”? When it comes to long distance relationships, we all hope it’s the first… but we all know that isn’t always reality. Long distance relationships are hard. Honestly, they suck. But if you are […]