Travel Locally: A Cure For The Travel Bug

I Have A Confession I have a bit of a problem, I love to travel. My wanderlust is a little out of control. And I swear the more I travel and see the world, the more that’s all I want to do. The harsh reality is, though, the ability to travel whenever I want to […]

Lessons I’ve learned about life by my 24th Birthday

On October 3rd I became a year shy of a quarter of a century. I’m 24 years old and embracing this age with open arms! I hope this year is the best year yet- I’m really feeling like a full-fledged adult and like I’m heading towards the prime of my life. In honor of this […]

Why I’m Becoming More Self-Disciplined, & Why You Should Too.

Summer is finally over, and I realize I haven’t written in this blog, well, at all. And those were not my intentions. I intended to work really hard on this blog during the summer so that I could have quality posts before I began to become busy with work and school… but here I am […]