Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park= Sandboarding in Utah

Want to shred some slopes in the blazing desert heat during the summer? In Utah, it’s possible! As part of our adventurous weekend in Southern Utah, we spent a few hours at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Honestly, you don’t want to miss this place! I was skeptical of locking my feet into a board and accelerating down a giant sand dune. But it was epic. And honestly, how many people can say they’ve gone sandboarding?? Or sand sledding?

How we Got to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

We began our trip in Zion National Park, where we camped for two nights (blog post on our time in Zion to follow). These sand dunes were about an hour 20-minute drive from the park, and about the same distance to our next stop, Bryce Canyon National Park. We arrived at the sand dunes at about 9 in the morning, pretty tired from the past two days but still excited for what’s ahead!

Tip if you are going: Be on the lookout or else you might miss the park! The sand dunes are hidden from the majority of the road… but trust me, once you’re in the park, you’ll be in awe.

The Cost:

Guys at Coral Pink Sand Dunes

The park costs $8 to get in. Then, we also paid $25 to rent a sandboard and $25 to rent a sand SLED. They also provide you with wax to help you pick up some speed. Like who even knew these were a thing!? We also learn you can pay $2 to take a shower after… trust me, those might have been the best $2 ever spent. (Even with the shower- we are still finding sand in our ears 2 days later lol)

The Experience

Once we got the boards and parked the car, we took off our shoes, packed some water, a camera, and we were off! (Yes, you can walk through the dunes bare foot) The sand dunes were breathtaking. And the sand was surprisingly cool (maybe this was because we were there at 9 am). Seeing giant mounds of sand is such a unique sight to see, and the mountains in the distance were the icing on the cake. We walked about 10 minutes, took some pics, and made the relatively short but strenuous climb up a sand dune.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Then, it was time. We waxed up the boards and soared down the mountain. And did it again. And again. It was such a fun, but tiring experience!

Sandboarding Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Pro tip: For the best experience, wax the board every 2 to 3 times down the mountain. And don’t use shoes when sandboarding! People observed us as we attempted to shred some sand. We met people from the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy at the top of a sand dune in southern Utah. Pretty neat how nature and modern travel makes the world a smaller place.


Soaring down a sand dune on a board- and sled- was one of the cooler things I’ve done in my life. It was such a unique experience, and the entire state park was stunning. The sand is a bright “coral pink” as the name suggests, and there’s over 7 miles of the sand! I would definitely recommend checking this park out for a few hours if you are down in southern Utah! You’re sure to make some unforgettable memories and get a workout in.



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Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park


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