Our Day On a VIP Tour At Disney World

What’s A Disney VIP Tour?

During a VIP tour, one of Disney’s fantastic VIP tour guides shows you through the park. Walt Disney himself began this program through the Disney Ambassador Program at Disneyland. There are various types of VIP tours, which all offer different experiences. We went on the Private VIP tour. A lot of celebrities and very important people go to Disney through a VIP tour, and sometimes just ordinary people, like us. 😛 Our tour guide had given tours to Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Fall out Boy, and even the man mentored by Walt Disney himself. You can check out the other types of VIP Disney tours at Disney World’s website.

What Are The Benefits of A VIP Tour?

  1. You skip the lines! Instead, you automatically enter in the fast pass plus line (or for some rides a VIP entrance) for every ride- the only exception was Galaxy’s Edge. Basically, you have unlimited fast passes. Awesome!
  2. You get to ride the rides as many times in a row as you want 🙂
  3. You will have access to VIP seating for any show you wish to see that night (we chose Fantasmic)
  4. Your VIP tour guide is up for whatever you are; they go with the flow
  5. You have the tour for 7 hours, but you can add on hours if you want, at a price of course

Is It Worth The Price?

Yes! If you are a Disney fan and enjoy experiencing as much of the park as possible, I would say it’s totally worth splurging on at least once in your life. It’s truly an experience you will never forget!

What The Experience is Like:

Our Day As VIPs at Disney World

The Grand Beginning


Our day began with our VIP tour guide greeting us at our hotel. He chauffeured us in a large, new SUV us to Hollywood Studios. Once we arrived, the staff greeted us and offered us snacks and waters. Then, these staff scanned our tickets, and our tour guide led us through a secret back entrance into the park. We were already amazed by these small, but legit perks, and ready to experience some awesome rides!

The Ultimate Fast Pass

VIP Tour riding Rock N Roller Coaster

When we first made it to Hollywood Studios, we went straight to the newly opened Galaxy’s Edge. There aren’t fast passes for the ride at this time, so the VIP tour guide had a set hour where we were allowed to ride the Millennium Falcon. The line was a two-hour long line while we were there, so this was awesome! We explored Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge for a bit and headed out to Toy Storyland. In Toy Storyland, we hopped straight on to Slinky Dog and Toy Story Mania. Our line-skipping privileges allowed us to pass a 2-hour line for Slinky Dog and a 45-minute long line for Toy Story Mania.

Tower of Tower with VIP Disney Tour Guide

And Hidden Mickey Spotter

During Slinky Dog’s 5 minute wait in the Fast Pass line, we were able to find some hidden mickey’s in the setting. We also were shown a HUGE hidden Mickey that is on the ground in front of the Chinese Theatre. Within the next hour, we rode Rock n Roller coaster (using a behind the scenes entrance) and the Tower of Terror. Our unlimited fast passes saved us at least another hour of lines!

…And Behind The Scenes Access

After conquering the major thrills of Hollywood Studios, we headed to Animal Kingdom. In the car, we went behind a gate that led us through a behind-the-scenes section of the park (again!). We were able to see some of Disney’s many gardens, including ones to grow food for the giraffes!

Our tour guide took us through another behind-the-scenes entrance, and we headed to Pandora. Our main ride we wanted to accomplish here was Avatar, Flight of Passage. This ride has been out for a couple of years but is a huge hit. Its line was longer than the Millennium Falcon’s line while we were there, which opened the day prior. We rode this ride and learned about some secret details that went into creating the land Pandora. One of these details include the two top waterfalls in the scenery being fake because the designer said the real waterfall would look too “flat.” Also, a geologist came and created the plants for this land. They each have a real story behind them and why the Navii (native creatures in the Avatar movie) eat them/what their medicinal purposes are.

We then rode the classic safari ride and headed to one of my personal favorites, Expedition Everest! We rode once in the front and once in the back to get the best of both worlds. The second time, we rode in the front- which was my personal favorite! We then went over to the Dinosaur ride, where we finished Animal Kingdom and headed back to Hollywood Studios.

A Bonus In Galaxy’s Edge

VIP Disney Tour

We weren’t allowed to ride the Millennium Falcon more than once since it had just opened. BUT, there was another hour for VIP pass holders to ride, so our VIP tour guide booked it. So we came back to Hollywood Studios and rode it again, passing an even longer line this time. It was epic!

All Good Things Must Come To An End

After all this fun, we finally took a break to eat and go to our final activity, Fantasmic. Fantasmic’s VIP seating is in the back center. During the show, we had multiple rows of benches to ourselves, while others were crammed against the people beside them. We finally had to say goodbye to our fantastic tour guide who had such remarkable insight into the parks and such cool stories to tell! I was (and kind of still am) super sad the experience was over- I will remember it forever. I know this experience was a rare opportunity, and I am SO grateful I was able to have this awesome, unforgettable day (thanks again, Andrea!).

This day was seriously a dream come true.

I created this video from our VIP Tour at Disney. We had so much fun and I had to document it! Check it out and let me know what you think.



P.S I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the VIP Tour in the comments. Ask away!


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