Gender Reveal! Finding Out The Gender of Our Baby With SneakPeek!

I Wanted To Know The Gender, ASAP!

From The Moment I found out I was pregnant, I could NOT wait to determine whether our baby was a girl or a boy. I felt like knowing & revealing the baby’s gender & being able to prepare makes everything feel SO much more real! And now, knowing the gender, I can tell you that it is definitely true!

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Sneak Peek Made That Possible

I heard about the SneakPeek Baby Gender DNA Test and immediately knew I wanted to get it to find out the gender as soon as possible. SneakPeek’s test is the safest, earliest, most accurate way to determine your baby’s gender in pregnancy. It can be taken as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy and is 99.1% accurate!

I was lucky enough to collaborate with them, which was a dream come true! I received a package in the mail when I was about 8 weeks pregnant and took the test.

The Sneak Peek Testing Process

The testing process took a little bit of time, but it was well worth getting accurate results! You have to sanitize the area that you will test near to ensure there is no male DNA lurking around. After cleaning, the kit includes instructions about washing your hands for a designated amount of time and how to collect your blood sample.

It took me the full three-finger pricks to get all the blood I needed to send off, which I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do to myself because I do not enjoy finger pricks (who does, though). But finding out my baby’s gender was motivation enough to prick my fingers as many times as it took!

Getting The Results

Just four days after sending in the package, we received an email that said our gender results were in! I was ecstatic and very impatient to open that email calling my name from the inbox. We celebrated our results with an epic gender reveal party that Ryan’s mom threw for us!

The Gender Reveal!

By the time we were finally able to celebrate and have a gender reveal to find out the gender of our baby, we had also gone to the gender ultrasound! We were DYING to know what was in that envelope with the results that we gave to my sister-in-law! The theme of our gender reveal was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are?” My mother in law threw the gender reveal for us and it was AMAZING. I mean just look at these pictures to see how adorable everything was! (Thank you so much, Andrea!!)

She did such a great job with the adorable decorations and gender reveal daylight smoke fireworks! (No, we did not burn anything down. We were in Georgia which gets LOTS of rain) :P. Here are some pictures and a short video from the moment! & Yes, Sneak Peek and the ultrasound both echoed the same thrilling news- OUR BABY IS A GIRL!!!

A Discount For You

Want to find out the gender of YOUR baby early? I highly recommend it!! Use my code SPIOCT10 during the month of October to get Sneak Peeks at home kit & save money! This code is for $10 off the Standard test or $20 off the FastTrack test (US only).


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