I’m Pregnant! How We Found Out We Are Having A Baby!

Finding Out I’m Pregnant Took Some Time!

Pregnancy Test #1: A Faint Positive

The pregnancy test was VERY slightly, ever-so faintly positive. I had been feeling off for the past week. My period was supposed to start the next day- but didn’t have any of my normal pre-period symptoms- so I thought I could be pregnant. My heart was racing, but my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were here visiting & on the main floor and Ryan, my husband, was all the way in the basement. I didn’t think I could successfully maneuver through them without a suspicious look on my face, so I called Ryan and told him to come up here quick! When my husband saw the very faintly positive line, he assured me there’s no way that’s a positive. But I called bs, it was positive! I knew it! I had been feeling too strangely for it not to be.

Pregnancy Test #2: ANOTHER Faint Positive

A couple of days passed and I peed on another stick. The same faint lines emerged, & I became frustrated because I was 4 days late on my period and felt like something was off. I was exhausted, had no period, and my boobs were growing by the hour. I freaked out and called one of my good friends who just recently had a baby herself. She and I agreed that I needed to go to the store and get another test, so I used the excuse that I was getting Ryan, my husband, a birthday gift, and left for the store.

Pregnancy Test #3… and #4:

I'm pregnant

I showed up to Walmart and headed to the pharmacy section. A kind man stocking shelves asked me if I needed help finding anything, but I shrugged him off. I mean, I didn’t want to TELL him I’m looking for a pregnancy test. That was until I searched the aisles for a couple of minutes and realized the tests are in a locked cabinet. Actually, I need a pregnancy test, I hesitantly replied, kinda embarrassed because I turned down his offer for assistance the first time, only to realize I needed his help after all. 

He unlocked the cabinet for me and asked me which one I wanted. I ended up getting the test that best fit my personality- the TRIPLE check pregnancy test.

That’s exactly what I needed! But then, my wheels began turning. I couldn’t leave, go home, take a pregnancy test, and then go back to a store to surprise Ryan with the results in a fun way. If I wanted to surprise him, I needed to take the pregnancy test at Walmart. 

I read the most accurate way to get results is to pee into a cup and then dip the stick into the cup of pee, so I bought some mini red solo cups, checked out, and headed for the bathroom stall. I walked into the handicapped stall because I felt like I could use the space since I’d be waiting in the for a few minutes. Those few minutes felt like an eternity.

Waiting On The Big News…

I peed into the red solo cup and stuck my stick in, beginning with the electronic pregnancy test in the pack… because I couldn’t deal with interpreting lines anymore. I needed a straight up YES or NO. As I waited, someone entered the stall next to me, which made me feel awkward hustle and bustle of my bags and my pacing back and forth.

I waited and waited until all of a sudden a blatant YES + appeared. “Oh!” I quietly whispered to myself and mouthed the words, I’m pregnant! WHAT. One more test just to make sure. Two lines appeared, proving my fate as a mother and my adrenaline really kicked in.

I’m Pregnant

I was excited, shocked, nervous, and elated all at the same time. Shaking, I went to surprise my husband with a mini, adorable onesie, Father’s Day card, and my three positive pregnancy test all inside a happy birthday gift bag. And headed home on the long, 12-minute journey to tell Ryan the big news.

This is what I put into his early “birthday gift” bag. He really was not expecting it & was so excited! He could not stop laughing, which is his way of showing excitement! Although he did suspect it a bit more whenever I pulled my phone out to video him opening it. 😉 Here is the Tiktok video!


TELLING MY HUSBAND IM PREGNANT! Some husbands cry… but my husband, well, you’ll see 😜 #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy #wholesomecont #fyp #foryou

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We are Having a Baby!!!

Craziness. Exciting & Wonderful, but Crazy!

So here I am, nervously writing this blog post at 7 weeks pregnant, hoping that I don’t accidentally click “Submit” post instead of “save draft” 😛 Since I can post this until we announce it in 5 weeks! Ah! So, when you are reading this, I will be 12 weeks pregnant!




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