Newborn Baby Must-Haves!

Here are a few newborn baby products I use everyday and love. Will be adding more if I think of any other must haves- other than the basic diapers,wipes, and lots of extra outfits of course 😉

*Note: I do receive a small commission if you purchase any of these products, with no extra cost to you.

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1. The Owlet Smart Sock

The owlet gives me such peace of mind that helps me sleep at night. It reads your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate and alerts you if something goes wrong. This one can be controversial because of the false alarms which some people don’t enjoy, but I’d rather have false alarms than miss an emergency that would save my baby’s life! Sleep is precious right now and so anything that helps me sleep better is at the top of my list!

2. Zipper Swaddles

Unless you are super great at swaddling, unlike me, these swaddles are a game-changer. My baby’s hands always find their way out of the swaddle when I try to do it myself! They are super quick and easy to put on and keeps the baby comfy all night long (or, well, until they wake up hungry in a few hours). We used the swaddle me pods until she was big enough for the love to dream swaddle up swaddle. We had the newborn love to dream swaddle, but she was just so tiny at birth (6 lbs 10 oz) that it didn’t swaddle her very tightly, so she slept better with the swaddle-me ones.

Swaddle Me Pods

Newborn Love To Dream Swaddle (5-8.5 pounds) (but it didn’t fit our newborn well until around 7.5 pounds)

0-3 month Love To Dream Swaddle (8-13 pounds)

3. 4-1 Carseat cover

I love this carseat cover! It’s allowed me to take our one month old out in public without worrying about people getting too close. It also shades her from the sun in the stroller AND I use it as a nursing cover. I love baby things like this that are multiuse because babies need a lot of STUFF- so one less thing to remember and carry around is a win in my book!

4. Wubbanub/Soothie

The soothie is amazing for keeping the pacifier in the baby’s mouth! Otherwise, I’m putting it back in every 30 seconds… so this is SUPER helpful for less crying and a happier mama 🙂 This one’s super nice also because the pacifier is detachable.

5. A swing/bouncer.

I love both because my baby loves them and it allows me to get things done with my hands free! These are the ones we has and our baby loves.

newborn baby and mom

I’ll be listing more products as I think of them, but these are ones I love and use daily! I would love to hear what baby products you use on a daily/weekly basis?


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