Preventing Sickness in Babies and Toddlers While Traveling

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A frequent question I get about traveling with babies and toddlers is how do I keep them from getting sick while traveling? It’s no secret that travel can be a breeding ground for germs and illness… & it can be a bit anxiety inducing thinking about littles getting sick, especially away from home! But these tips have been helpful for us in staying healthy on the go! I honestly have noticed that my kids tend to get sick just as often at home as when we are traveling when following these tips. In this post, we will explore some effective strategies to prevent sickness in babies and toddlers while traveling.

Staying Healthy on the Go

Traveling exposes our little ones to new environments, different climates, and a host of potential pathogens. To minimize the risk of sickness, here are some tips to consider:

1. Vitamins to Help Boost Immunity

Maintaining a strong immune system is crucial for preventing sickness in children. One way to support their immune system is by ensuring they receive the necessary vitamins and minerals. Mary Ruth’s vitamins are an excellent choice for this purpose, as they are specifically formulated for children and contain essential nutrients that promote overall health and well-being. This is particularly helpful for on the go when they might not be eating as healthy as they do at home!

2. Hygiene is Key

I know this is easier said than done, especially with super active babies and toddlers! BUT you can encourage littles to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, or use hand sanitizers when necessary (bring some in your diaper bag!). Also, pack some disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces like airplane tray tables, hotel room door knobs, and restaurant high chairs.

3. Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. Make sure your child drinks plenty of water throughout the trip. If they are old enough, involve them in choosing their own water bottle, which can make it more exciting for them to stay hydrated.

4. Get Enough Sleep

A well-rested child is less likely to fall sick and keeping your little one rested is KEY in my opinion to a fun trip (grumpy, overtired kids aren’t fun at home or on vacation). Try to stick to your child’s regular sleep schedule as much as possible, and if there’s a time change, try to make sure they are sleeping the same amount of hours that they sleep at home, even if they are at different times than normal. Bring along familiar items like their favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or if they are a baby their pack and play sheet from home to help create a comfortable sleep environment.

5. Healthy Snacks

Pack a variety of healthy snacks for your child to munch on during the journey. Opt for fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain snacks that provide essential vitamins and minerals. I know this can be difficult on travel days depending on what’s available and easy to travel with, so give yourself grace, it’s all about balance! & this is why bringing along vitamins helps to make sure they are getting their nutritional needs.

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Specific Mary Ruth Organic Vitamins for Toddlers

Mary Ruth offers a range of organic vitamins that are beneficial for building a child’s immune system. Some of the key vitamins to consider for your traveling toddler include:

1. Organic Elderberry Drops

Elderberry is known for its immune-boosting properties. Mary Ruth’s organic elderberry gummies and drops are a tasty and convenient way to support your child’s immune system while traveling. They are made with real elderberry extract and contain no artificial colors or flavors.

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2. Organic Vitamin C Gummies or Drops

Vitamin C is essential for immune function, and Mary Ruth’s organic vitamin C drops and gummies provide a concentrated dose of this vital nutrient. They are made from organic acerola cherries and are free from any synthetic additives. 

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3. Organic Probiotic Gummies or Drops

Probiotics play a crucial role in supporting a healthy immune system. Mary Ruth’s organic probiotic gummies are made with a blend of beneficial bacteria strains that promote a balanced gut microbiome. These gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and contain no artificial preservatives.

By incorporating these specific Mary Ruth organic vitamins into your toddler’s routine, you can give their immune system an extra layer of support, both at home and while traveling. They have drops and gummies that are both convenient to take along when traveling, it’s really about preference and what your little one prefers! The drops can be added to your child’s favorite beverage or taken directly, and the gummies you can put into a pill organizer to travel more lightly. Another great thing about both is that the whole family can take the same vitamins, so you can get an immune boost too! Nobody wants to be sick on vacation.

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Incorporating Mary Ruth’s Vitamins into Your Child’s Routine

When it comes to incorporating Mary Ruth’s vitamins into your child’s routine, consistency is key. Whether you are at home or on the road, make it a habit to give your child their daily dose of vitamins. To make it easier while traveling, consider packing individual doses in a pill organizer or using travel-sized bottles. This way, you can ensure that your child doesn’t miss out on their vitamins even when you’re away from home.

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Staying Healthy on the Go

While it’s essential and helpful to take preventive measures, sometimes littles still get sick! Here are some best-practice tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pack a First Aid Kit: Carry a first aid kit with essential supplies with medicines/supplies you need if your little one does get sick. Also include band-aids and antiseptic wipes.
  2. Research Medical Facilities: Before traveling, research the local medical facilities at your destination in case you need medical assistance.
  3. Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical expenses for your child in case there is an emergency.


Preventing sickness in babies and toddlers can be challenging but is definitely possible with preparation. By incorporating Mary Ruth’s vitamins into their routine and implementing other preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of illness. Remember to prioritize hand hygiene, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and hydration. With these strategies in place, you can enjoy your travels with your little one while keeping them healthy and happy. Safe travels! 

Comment and let me know the most helpful way you’ve found to keep your littles healthy during your travels!


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