Flying With a Baby Guide

I remember the night before our first flight with our baby, I was so nervous I could hardly sleep. I remember worrying that my baby would cry the entire flight. What if I couldn’t console her? Did I pack everything I needed for the trip? What about in the diaper bag for on the flight? Should I bring a carrier on the plane? Should I check her car seat? Should I have bought her a seat? The questions and anxieties flooded my mind. & my biggest concern, what if traveling with a baby was miserable?

Our baby (now toddler) has been on over 20 planes, including nine international flights. And thankfully, they’ve all gone pretty freakin’ well (crossing my fingers while typing this). I’ve learned a lot of helpful tips from trial and error when flying with our baby and have successfully flown with her from the newborn stage to the beginning of toddlerhood, so I wanted to share our tips with you to help you out!

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