Afternoon Tea in Provo, Utah at Taste

Girl Day=Afternoon Tea

Last week, my friend Ashtyn and I went to Taste to have some girl time and kick off October. It was a fantastic time, and I’m so glad I have a friend who’s as obsessed with England as I am ;). Here’s a little recap of our time at a proper afternoon tea at Taste in Provo, Utah.

The Taste-y Menu

When we arrived at our tea-time, we had the place all to ourselves. We were greeted by a staff member. The staff already had a table set for us. She set us down and had us look over the drink menu. It was so difficult to decide which drink because there were many great options! After much contemplation, Ashtyn settled on the iced hot chocolate, and I chose the cacao tea.

Tea is Served! Chocolate Tea, That is.

The cacao tea was honestly the perfect choice. It allowed me to try something unique to a chocolate shop (I’d only ever had cacao tea once before- in St. Lucia). It also was not sweet, which was good because of all the desserts that arrived soon after! The taste of cacao tea was a subtle dark chocolate flavor. While it had a slightly bitter taste, it was very delicious, and adding a small bit of milk and cream made it delectable.

Cacao Tea- they gave me SO much I couldn’t finish it all
taste provo chocolate

The iced hot chocolate is one of their most famous concoctions, and for good reason. It is rich, creamy, and tastes like a chocolate milkshake! The only regret Ashtyn said she had, was being sweetened-out between all of the sugar in the iced hot chocolate in addition to the sugary foods we ate.

& Lots of Food is Served, Too

Shortly after receiving our drinks, a giant three-tiered platter arrived. Our food!

taste provo

Some Savory Delectables To Start

The bottom tier of food was small, savory sandwiches. These sandwiches included the traditional cucumber sandwich found at many afternoon teas, as well as a meat and cheese sandwich, and an apple sandwich.

And then, sweetness overload

Once we conquered the sandwiches, tier two began the sweetness overload, which had my personal favorite- traditional English scones. The scones also came with jam and marzipan. I usually eat the beloved clotted cream on scones, but marzipan was still a delicious addition. Once I finished my scone, I was getting a little full, but not too full to taste our grand finale- the top tier. This top tier included a brownie, pomegranate chocolate ganache, pear tart, and carrot cake. Neither of us was able to finish these desserts, but luckily they had boxes so I could enjoy them later!

Almost As Good As England…

The only thing that this experience is missing is the hustle and bustle that occurs at a busy tea shop in an English city in the afternoon, and the beautiful English accents whispering all around. Oh, and the clotted cream! But the cacao tea and delicious food at Taste are worth undoubtedly experiencing. Definitely the closest you can feel to England from WAY across the pond in Provo, Utah.

I Will Be Back For More “Taste Provo” Tea!

Overall, afternoon tea was a great experience and made me reminiscent of my time in England. I will be back! I want to take Ryan next time since it’s my dream to go with him to England, and afternoon tea is a little sneak preview of that.


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