Third Trimester Recap

I can’t believe this pregnancy is almost over! Trust me, I’m pretty ready for it to be, but then again it has also been such a fun and unique experience that I have really enjoyed! I am glad I’ve had a lot of support and have been able to document so much of it online as well. (I’ve had biweekly updates on my tiktok from week 15-week 39 so far!)

Overall, this pregnancy has been a great experience, much better than what I thought pregnancy was going to be like going into it. I was super nervous coming into pregnancy from the way so many women talk about it, but it’s been a very positive experience overall! Honestly, the roughest part for me was the first trimester. And now the anxiety I’m facing about giving birth. But there were so many exciting moments like finding out the gender, ultrasounds, feeling her kick, getting the nursery together, baby showers, and watching Ryan prepare to become a dad. These positive, exciting moments have outweighed any of the discomfort or negativity. So, if you are someone that happens to be scared of getting pregnant (like I was), don’t be!

Third Trimester Symptoms

Tiredness Came Back: During the first trimester, I was SO exhausted and needed like 9 hours of sleep at night to not be craving a nap during the day. During the second trimester that went away, but now it is back with vengeance! I will wake up energized and have all these ideas of things I need to/want to do before the baby comes, but that motivation wanes quickly and I get really tired and want to chill/do nothing.

Braxton Hicks contractions: These just feel like your stomach getting tight and then relaxing. The only thing is sometimes I’ve noticed it’s a little harder to breathe during them, so I just try to take deep breaths and use them to prepare for labor. Around week 36, I started to notice some more crampy/kinda painful period cramp-like contractions during the night. My doctor said that it’s totally normal for that to happen, especially at night! But to track them and make sure they aren’t becoming consistent because that could mean true labor

Back hurts: Having this giant bowling ball on my stomach definitely makes me back hurt. I have gotten one prenatal massage that helped and am actually getting another tomorrow! But I’ve also forced Ryan to massage me a few times and use this self massager we have/stretched out which helps a lot!

Dizzy/Lightheaded (weeks 28-32): I don’t know why honestly but around weeks 28-32 I was feeling lightheaded, but now I don’t anymore!

Emotional: I cry a lot. and have been feeling really anxious about birth and not being prepared for the baby! I think they are normal feelings to have during this time, but yeah that’s how I’ve been feeling!

Hungry: I eat a lot. Like as much as my husband right now. But I’ve gained just over 25 pounds and am almost 39 weeks so honestly I’m just embracing it and going to really focus on limiting myself and getting back in shape after the baby comes! That’ll definitely be something I’ll document as well.

Harder to breathe (until baby dropped): The baby was definitely up pushing on my lungs for a big, but then the baby dropped and now it’s MUCH easier too breathe and a little less uncomfortable.

Belly Started Getting BIG: Yeah the bump and really tight shirts were adorable in second trimester. Now I just feel huge and like nothing I wear is cute tbh haha. But I’m trying to embrace it and enjoy it!

The nesting instinct: Yeah I’m not the most organized person and I’ve become anal lately. Especially with the baby stuff, I just want it all to be and look perfect! And it stresses me out I feel like I’m running out of time!

Colostrum: My body is definitely producing colostrum now and I’ve actually pumped it with a haaka a couple of times! I’m saving the colostrum and it also can stimulate labor sooooo great for two things!

Stuffed Up Nose: This whole pregnancy my nose has been stuffed up!! Don’t ask me why but… yeah. It has been.

Sore Ribs: I realized I can kinda push her down to prevent this, but she really bruised my ribs badly around week 36! Now they are fine again thankfully!

Third Trimester Highlights

Getting our nursery together: I have been so excited about getting the nursery together- and it’s finally coming together! I will definitely be filming a tour soon once it’s finally finished! I still need her name sign and to move a wardrobe we aren’t using out so the dresser can go in the proper place!

4D ultrasound: I highly recommend the 4D ultrasound! My husband kinda thought it was a waste of money and didn’t want to do it, but I also made cute gifts for the future grandparents

Working out: I was pretty consistent about working out during pregnancy up until the past couple of weeks because my body has really been tired and kinda feeling like I need to slow down. I am still doing squats and walking, though, to try to get ready for labor! I will also film another video about what exactly I’m doing to prep for labor and try to naturally get my body ready.

Things have started to feel REAL during this time! I’m so excited to meet baby girl and it’s so surreal she’s coming so soon! I’m 39 weeks and 2 days right now… so hopefully sooner than later!


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