Travel Locally: A Cure For The Travel Bug

I Have A Confession

I have a bit of a problem, I love to travel. My wanderlust is a little out of control. And I swear the more I travel and see the world, the more that’s all I want to do.

The harsh reality is, though, the ability to travel whenever I want to far off states and countries, is well, out of my reach at this time of my life. And out of most people’s, so I should just be okay with it. I should be okay with the status quo.

Then, I look at Instagram. I follow many travel Instagram accounts because of my passion for travel, but it can get into my head sometimes! Everyone is always somewhere exotic. It looks amazing, and it’s easy to wish that that was my life.

But it’s not. Luckily, I have been able to travel to really unique and far off places with me and Ryan’s family. But as far as getting up and going wherever my heart desires, that is many years away (if ever!). Therefore, I’ve had to come up with a cure for my travel bug. My endless desire for constant adventure. & I actually found a solution that works for me!

The cure is to travel locally.

travel locally
This is almost literally right in our backyard
travel locally

Become A Tourist of Your Own Backyard

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This year, we’ve decided to explore more locally- We’ve decided to see as much of the western US as possible. (Link in bio to our list of places we want to see!) ••• This was actually a difficult decision for me to make. I am so grateful for every opportunity I have to travel, of course! But ever since even before Ryan and I were married, I’ve been dreaming to visit Europe with him. I’ve been saving up for this trip for two years now, & thought we might be able to pull off a (very budget) trip this summer between our credit card points, sky miles, and our meniscal travel funds! (all of our other international trips are usually with our families who generously pay for everything because #brokestudentproblems) But then we realized, this was probably our last year out in the western United States. As much as we love experiencing other countries & cultures, it would be such a shame not to fully immerse ourselves in our own backyard. Especially when our time here is likely so temporary. ••• I think this is something that all travelers should consider. We are always dreaming about the next big adventure, the next exotic trip, but why does that trip have to be far away? New countries & cultures are amazing to experience, but many people come from all over the world to see places we have right at our fingertips. Let’s keep exploring everywhere- but let’s not forget to take full advantage of what we have in our own backyards. 🌎❤️

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Traveling locally where you live is not quite as exotic, but it can be new & quite exciting. You just have to change your mindset. I’ve heard way too many people who have never seen popular destinations in their area. Meanwhile, people are coming from all over the world to experience these sights.

For example, I was in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Southern Utah. This park was absolutely beautiful, with bright colored sand and picturesque mountains in the background. I talked to several people, and every single person I met there was traveling from a different country. Italy, Spain, Germany- there were no Americans. Later that day, we drove to Bryce Canyon National Park, and more people were speaking in other languages than they were in English.

local travel Utah
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Traveling Far & Wide Is Extremely Appealing

Sure, I get it, I love traveling to new countries. Experiencing different cultures is captivating, enriching, and exciting.

But Traveling Locally Can Be, Too

Still, we don’t have to venture to other countries to see amazing views, have amazing experiences, make memories, learn, and well, travel. I’ve learned that I can explore and travel in my own backyard and not run out of things to do for months- hopefully, years. This type of travel is more accessible, more sustainable, and more realistic. While I’m still saving for a trip for Ryan and me to go abroad, I can explore locally for little to no money.

Our Travel Locally Bucket List

Ryan and I are living in Utah right now. But, we could be moving as soon as the end of the year! We have created a “Utah” Bucket List to make sure we travel locally and fully immerse ourselves in the western USA.

The Bucket List includes locations we hope to check out in and outside of Utah. But, all of the places on the list we can get to by car. Also, most of them could be short weekend trips! The Utah bucket list is here if you want to check out all of the places we hope to see, and where we’ve already explored, through traveling locally.

local travelers in Utah
traveling locally in Utah

So travel locally.

You will be surprised how much there is to explore in your own back yard. It just might even cure that pesky travel bug of yours. 😉


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