What’s in my diaper bag traveling with a baby?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… one of the hardest part of traveling with a baby is all the STUFF you have to remember, bring, and lug around.

And speaking of remembering things, the WORST feeling is when you need something… but you don’t have it.

And that’s why I’m making this blog post! To help you realize and remember everything you need to make your adventures with your baby go smoothly! I use my baby packing checklist before every trip to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. Then, the most essential items I need I put into my diaper bag because it’s the bag I always have with me!

Here’s exactly what’s in my diaper bag when traveling with a baby!

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What Diaper Bag Do I Use?

I use Itzy Ritzy’s Boss Backpack diaper bag! I absolutely LOVE it because it’s super cute and functional. Long story but my husband literally RAN OVER MY DIAPER BAG WITH HIS CAR right before Christmas. How is that possible?? Great question. I don’t know you’ll have to ask him lol.

And I bet you’ll never guess what he got me for Christmas. 😉 That’s right, another Itzy Ritzy diaper bag!! lol. This time he also bought me their packing cubes and I love them! I use one packing cube for toys and teethers, another for her extra outfit and teething bib, and the third smallest cube for medicine.


I bring enough diapers in my diaper bag for the time we are spending traveling + an extra day or two… because I know that we will likely want to get settled in before having to find a store and get diapers BUT I don’t want to bring so many that I’m filling up half of my suitcase with diapers! As long as you aren’t on a tiny island without access to a store, I would just bring enough for your travel day + an extra day and then buy diapers there!


I bring one full pack which typically lasts us about a week.


I bring a couple tried and true favorites (like Sophie the giraffe above), and then I also bring some she hasn’t seen in a while so there’s some novelty and excitement! I also always have a couple of shows downloaded just in case.


Adaline doesn’t take a pacifier and hasn’t since she was 3 months old…. BUT I know many babies and parents swear by them, so I couldn’t not include them on my list!


If I’m going to a warm location I bring a thin muslin blanket, if I’m going to a warm location I pack a thicker one. Honestly, I usually have it out in the carseat/stroller because it’s bulky but it has come in handy because sometimes it’s cold on those planes!


I bring baby granola bars, packets, and busy snacks like dehydrated fruit, cheerios, puffs, and raisins. A full baby is a happy baby, and those busy snacks come in handy when she’s bored of her toys on the plane or in the car.

Sippy Cup/Water Bottle

To go along with the snacks!

Extra Onesie & Sleeper

I love always having an extra onesie and sleeper in case of a blow out but ALSO, if we happen to be out too late, it’s really nice to be able to put her in PJs and have her fall asleep in her car seat or stroller. Then, we can transfer her to the crib easily without having to wake her (hopefully) whenever we get back home/to the hotel.

Portable Sound Machine

Correlating white noise to sleep is helps keep our baby’s sleep environment consistent, even on the go! It’s also supposed to help with the 4-month sleep regression (which we did not experience, so I think it did help!).

Nursing Cover

Our nursing cover also doubles as a car seat cover which is SUPER nice for creating a quiet and dark nap environment.

Burp Cloth


We ALWAYS have tylenol with the syringe in the diaper bag. It’s come in handy many times, especially when she’s teething and we are about to get on an airplane. I also bring baby orajel to help with teething!

Changing Pad

Our changing pad came with our diaper bag (as many do), but if yours doesn’t have one, you’ll definitely need one!


I love a silicone bib that can easily be washed/wiped down and put away. It’s a little bulky, but I just fold it into itself and place a spoon into the little “food catcher” compartment.

Baby spoon

Additional Items For Formula/Pumping moms:

I exclusively breastfeed, BUT I used to carry formula with me just in case, until my baby refused to take it. So here’s what you would need if you do pump/use formula!


When our baby did take a bottle, these were the only ones she would take! She’s never taken formula so I didn’t know which one to put here lol. I tried all the tricks, she just hated the taste!


When I’m traveling I always like to have a manual pump in my suitcase, because babies schedule is all weird and you don’t want to be left engorged with a sleeping baby you don’t want to wake! BUT if you are exclusively pumping, you need all of those parts too! Personally, I think if this were me, I’d bring an extra bag because I don’t think that the pump parts would fit with how full my diaper bag already is!

Small container of dish soap

(I hear this is really helpful to help from having to have tons of bottles and to be able to clean on the go).

Insulated Bottle Bag

Super nice for helping to keep bottles warm or cool! You could also use this to store pumped breastmilk!

Happy Travels!

I hope that you have an awesome time traveling with your baby. If you want to receive even more tips for traveling with your baby, sign up for my email list below!


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